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CL@B 2020

FELABAN CL@B September 16-18 2020


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The Association of Banks of Ecuador, has led for more than fifty years projects and actions to improve the regulatory environment and establish best practices in the Ecuadorian banking system. Over time, the Association has become a technical, highly professional reference that represents not only the interests of Ecuador’s private banks, but also supports and generates proposals to raise the level of comprehensive competitiveness of the entire financial system. Asobanca leads and coordinates projects related to banking innovation, as well as projects related to financial inclusion that are of benefit to its member banks, and  society. Currently, and thanks to its proven proactivity in this area, the Association of Banks of Ecuador, holds the presidency of the Latin American Committee for Banking Innovation of FELABAN, an honor that has allowed it to extend its field of action and collaboration to the rest of the banking guilds in Latin America.



The LATIN AMERICAN BANKING FEDERATION – FELABAN is a non-profit entity created in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1965 by the banking associations and other agencies of 19 Latin American countries, encompassing over 500 regional banks.

FELABAN´s objectives:

Promote and facilitate the contact, understanding and direct relationships between the financial entities in Latin America, irrespective of the internal political issues of each country.

Contribute to, by means of its technical services, the coordination of criteria and to the unification of general banking and financial usage and practices in Latin America.

Cooperate, within the scope of its own activities, a more efficient economic development in Latin American countries and to the economic integration movements in which they participate.

Endeavor by all means available to promote the development and wellbeing of the countries where its members reside.

Procure a greater financial deepening and a greater access to financial services for populations with low incomes as a way to contribute towards the reduction of poverty in Latin American countries.

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